The HBS Salon is the perfect start for your home-based hair salon, it can be set up and laid out in any way you desire, no need for costly installation or renovations to your home.

Whats included in The HBS Salon :

HBS Basin

HBS Basin a simple system that uses only 25 litres for every client.
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HBS Colour Bar

HBS Colour bar a freestanding portable colour bar with 100+ colour storage & mixing bar.
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HBS Work Station

HBS Workstation a freestanding portable workstation that makes any space feel like a salon.
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How does the HBS Salon arrive?

The HBS Salon will arrive fully assembled.

Does the salon include tools and colour?

No, The HBS Salon will only supply what has been listed, this is because not all hairdressers like using the same trade tools and colours.

How do I install the HBS salon?

The HBS workstation, colour bar, and basin are all fitted with durable 360° rotatable wheels, designed to be free standing and pushed against a wall.

How do I set up The HBS Basin?

The HBS Basin is fitted with durable Blade Wheels that rotate 360°

  1. Push, pull or rotate your HBS Basin into position
  2. Fill water supply at desired temperature do not exceed 50° Celsius
  3. Connect water supply to HBS Basin and ensure waste container is empty
  4. Connect the power supply
  5. Ready for use

How many minutes will the basin run for?

With the HBS 25 litre water tank you will receive 10 minutes of pressurised water.

Turning the tap to the left or right will adjust the water flow.

Where can I get Home Salon Support?

If you have any questions about salon operations or require home salon support, please visit Australian Hair Council.

If you require HBS Salon product support, please visit the contact us page and complete the online form.


Home Based Salon offer the Goods and Services of The HBS Salon for one simple payment of $7,000 including GST & Delivery. There are no ongoing fees or contracts after the full payment is complete, allowing you total control over your home salon. ORDER NOW

The price includes:

  • All furniture specified in The HBS Salon
  • Delivery to your home Australia wide
  • GST
  • Marketing and salon operation information
  • Business start-up requirements